Available from Saturday 9 December 2023 (while stocks last)

09h00 - 17h30

Contact Kathy on 083 600 9622 or Murray on 074 601 7480

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We sell genuine Japanese Cedar trees

The trees are sold on a first come first serve basis. Afraid we are not able to take orders.

1.5 meter height

1.5 meter height

R550.00 each

1.8 meter height

1.8 meter height

R650.00 each

2.1 meter height

2.1 meter height

R750.00 each

Tree stands

Tree stands

R250.00 each

Parkhurst Moth Hall 120 – 16th Street, Parkhurst, Sandton


09H00 - 17H30 DAILY 09H00 - 16H00 PUBLIC HOLIDAYS




KATHY 083 600 9622 / MURRAY 074 601 7480

Follow us on Facebook for stock level updates


Please look after your Christmas tree the same way you would look after a bunch of roses 

* We recommend watering the tree when you get home - spray it with a hose pipe in your garden to cool it off
* Stand your tree in a bucket of water. A large 25 litre bucket or container is recommended, to offset the weight of the tree
* Place clean bricks or rocks in the bucket to help keep the tree upright
* Do not place sand in the bucket – the tree needs to be able to drink water
* It helps to add some sterilizing solution such as Jik or Miltons to the water to keep it clean
* Please position the tree in a cool, shady spot in your home. Direct sunlight and wind will dry the tree
* You will need to top the water up every day or two
* It is recommended to spray the tree with a water spray to keep it hydrated, but not essential if this will disturb your decorations


Tree Stands 

We do sell stands to help hold the trees in place. These are buckets with a cement base.


If you have a stand:

* Fill the stand with water. The water level must be higher than the white pipe.
* Cut a few branched off the bottom of the tree so that the stem can fits into the pipe
* Place the base of the tree into the pipe
* If it is a smaller tree you many need to also place a branch cutting into the pipe to help keep the tree upright
* Position the stand and tree in a cool shady place in your home
* Have fun decorating your tree
* You will need to top the water up from time to time. Keep the water level above the pipe so that the water gets to the tree base
* Enjoy the smell of a fresh tree in your home :-).


This is a small family run business that is open for only one week a year.


This is a side line business, so please bear with us and read these frequently asked questions before calling. It has become increasingly difficult to answer phone calls while at my real job.

How long will the tree last for?

The trees will last for 2 to 3 weeks if well cared for.

How will I get the tree home, will it fit in my car?

Yes, we have been doing this for many years and are able to fit large trees into small cars. We will assist you loading the tree into your car.

Do we deliver trees?

Afraid we are not able to deliver trees.

Can I tie the tree to the top of my car?

This is not advisable. The movement of the car and the sun will dry out the tree. If  you do this please make sure to spray the tree with a hose pipe in your garden to hydrate it before you decorate it.

Will the tree grow?

The trees are grown in plantations by my cousin specifically to be Christmas trees.  The trees are then cut at the base, so no they are sadly not able to grow, but the plantation is replanted.

It is just a branch?

It is a whole tree – without the roots.

Can I order a tree?

We are unfortunately no longer able to manage orders due to the limited space at our new venue. All trees will be on a first come first serve basis.

Can I pay in advance for my tree?

All sales are cash on collection.  With students managing the sales we are simply not able to manage and control pre-payments.

Can you pay via credit card?

Yes, we do accept credit cards.

Where can I get a tree with roots?

If you want a tree that is growing in a container you will need to go to a nursery. In our experience trees do not like having their roots confined in a container, so they  take that much longer to get big and bushy. As a result the cost is that much more.


Where do we get the trees from?

The trees are grown in KZN.

Can I get a tree before the 9th December?

It is unfortunately not viable to transport a few trees up early, given the distance involved and the cost of the transport.  We purposely only get the trees on the 9th December to make sure they last past Christmas.

What happens when the trees are sold out?

Afraid when the trees are sold out, they are sold out. We are not aware of anyone else who sells Christmas trees the way we do.

The ends of the tree branches are drooping down?

These are Japanese Cedar trees and the branches do naturally droop down.

Can we still get a tree from 16 Cambridge Avenue?

While we have been selling from our home in Craighall Park for many years, we recently moved to my partner’s home. Please do not disturb my tenants at 16 Cambridge Avenue as they are not involved in the Christmas Tree business at all.